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Tyler & Alina- I Do

WOW! This group! <3

Sometimes we are totally blown away and reminded why it is that we love our job so much! Tyler and Alina are the SWEETEST- together, to each other, to their dogs, to EVERYONE! We had an absolute blast with them from day one of meeting them and shooting their engagement session. They say that we made this process easy for them, but they truly made it easy for us! It's safe to say we love The Reckers and their entire clan! Their love story and their day was nothing short of perfect. Though it may have been hot, you can't even tell in these gorgeous photos! We hope you enjoy this small glimpse (that was very hard to narrow down I must say) of their wedding day! Congratulations again Tyler & Alina, and THANK YOU for inviting us into your lives and for having us as a part of your big day!

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