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Tara + Max- Engagement

Gah!! We are SO excited to finally fully share with you our favorite, two-part engagement session from last year!! (Clients- don't fret, you're all our faves, but this is Sean's sister so we're allowed to say that, right? ;)) Session number one was photographed last August in downtown Indy. Tara + Max live on Mass Ave so what better place to shoot their engagement session around?! There were so many beautiful areas and it was fun to think outside the box! We captured around the streets, the canal, in front of their wedding venues, The Burnside Inn, and even their rooftop! Simply amazing!

Part two was photographed in the fall here at home in sweet ole Ireland, IN. The fall colors were beautiful and the perfect addition to wrap up the sessions!

We were honored to be able to capture their engagement photos, as we will be busy as a part of their wedding in just 6 short months! We cannot wait to celebrate these high school sweethearts! We love you Tara and Max!

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