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Scott & Nicole- I do

WOWZA! This couple, this venue- all of the things! Totally in love! We couldn't be happier for Sean's cousin Nicole, and Scott! They are both so sweet and so deserving of each others love. Together with Khali they make the perfect family. We were definitely smiling ear to ear for them, and I must admit, I (Natasha) shed some tears for my beautiful friend! A HUGE shout out to Cedar Bluff Weddings and Retreats! Ya'll, these people have it going on! I think the beauty of the venue speaks for itself, but the amenities, experiences and hospitality are like nothing we've ever worked with before. Nicole was over the moon with the place from the minute she booked it, and kept me excited about it the whole way through. From the beautiful barn and cabins, to top of the world view, feeding the deer and fish, and being taken care of with southern hospitality the whole way through, is truly an all around wedding experience! Thank you and kudos to Rodney, Karen, and crew! Congratulations again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Burdin! We love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness together! xoxo

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