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Max & Autumn- Engagement

We just adore these two! We were SO excited when Max contacted us months ago to tell us he was going to pop the question to Autumn and wanted to go ahead and book us for their big day! It means so much to a photographer when a couple wants to work around your schedule! Seriously honored! Fast forward to Autumn's brother's wedding (the week before he was planning to propose) and it was certainly giggly to hear her chat wedding things with NO CLUE what was coming her way! Max put together such a heartfelt proposal including things that Autumn loves the most- her cows!- and a special one in particular. We've become close with their families over the last couple years while capturing a lot of their engagements, weddings, etc. and it's families like these that make our job the best! We love ya'll and cannot WAIT for your big day! For now- enjoy these absolutely stunning photos! The Recker farm provided us with great scenery and company once again! You can't beat an epic sunset from the top of a dirt pile! :)

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