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Kyle + Fallon-engagement

Oh my lanta!!! You guys!! This session was top notch!! An all time fave for sure! We captured Kyle and Fallon's engagement session at our beloved Beaver Lake. The setting was perfect for many reasons. It's where Kyle and Fallon met, where we, as well as Kyle's family have cabins and spend a lot of our (limited) free time together with family, friends, and our little Beaver Lake Community. Fun fact- Kyle actually built our beautiful dock (that you will see below where they took photos on and even jumped off of end the end of the session!). He also played a huge role in building our cabin as well, so all in all this was the most appropriate and special place to capture their love! We are THRILLED with how these images turned out! But, how could they not be perfect with these two! Thank you Kyle and Fallon for having us! We can't wait for your gorgeous Florida wedding next year!

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