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Hannah- Senior 2021

Miss Hannah totally knocked it out of the park! SO SO GORGEOUS! After two reschedules to our rainy start of the summer, we finally got an awesome evening for Hannah's session! We all had so much fun, and I can tell you, this session was definitely one for the books! A first time getting actually caught out in the rain with nowhere to go but under the little roof of our golf cart! I was getting ready to take a photo of Hannah and behind her I see a haze and quickly realize it's rain coming right at us! I stumble over my words to yell "RAIN!" as we all start running for the golf cart! I quickly threw the blanket I had for Hannah to sit on over her, but it wasn't enough- it POURED! lol Her white paints were soaked from the knee down anyways! It was comical! After the brief few minute downpour, out came a HUGE double rainbow!! We photographed what part of it we could with our zoom lenses we currently had with us for her. We were all just in complete shock and awe at the events that had just happened in the last 10 minutes! If you want to relive some of these moments from her session with us- you can check them out in the Senior Highlights section on our Instagram (brescherfilmandphoto)

To end, we are obsessed with all of the images we were able to capture during her session. From epic dance shots, to rainbows, flower fields and sunset skies, we got it all with this one! <3

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