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Danny + Ali- I Do (Part One)

THIS! This is what it's all about ya'll! After so much being out of their control due to the awful COVID-19 virus that has hit us all this year, these two made the most of it! Danny and Ali were set to be married on May 2nd at the Evansville Country Club. After the COVID restrictions came, they quickly decided to postpone their wedding until August because there was nothing more they wanted than to celebrate wilth all their family and friends together. Fast forward to April- Ali and Danny decided that they really didn't want to wait any longer to tie the knot. They are so in love and so excited to begin their lives as a married couple. SO... they decided to pull a quick, private ceremony and celebration together with their families on their original date of 5/2/20. IT. WAS. PERFECT! It was so sweet, and so intimate, and all I keep telling people is how it really brought those emotions back of what it's all about! They exchanged their own written vows, tears, and grinned from ear to ear! The weather and scenery were gorgeous, and the love and outpouring of happiness from their families was so refreshing. Ali has been a friend of mine since high school and I am elated that she has found her happy ending! She and Danny deserve all the best! They will still be celebrating with everyone (Lord willing) in August and we can't wait to capture that day! Until then, we will sit here and swoon over how perfect 5/2/20 truly was! :)

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