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Alivia- Senior 2022

HOLY SMOKES! Alivia! This girl KILLED her session with us! I could photograph her for daysss- such a natural, and not to mention beautiful! Needless to say, the amount of photos in this blog is lengthy, but absolutely worth it! It's hard to believe this bombshell is going to be a senior! I remember her as just a little girl coming into my salon (fun fact- I used to be a nail technician) and begging her mom and I to let her get "fake" acrylic nails like I was putting on her mama. ;) We always told her when she was a teenager, which, by then I was no longer doing nails. It's so fun to watch it come full circle into my career and to have captured these stunning senior photos of her! Thanks for having us Liv! Come back anytime! ;)

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